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Friday: May 22nd, 2015

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It appears that government has lost its way, that it is has expanded too far from the necessary, but limited government our founding fathers envisioned. This appears to be due primarily to the political process. The process of becoming an elected official, the process of creating, reviewing, renewing and deleting legislation and regulation has become dominated by special interests. It appears that the best way to create effective, efficient government is to reconnect to the People, identify the principles we share, and remove as much money from politics as possible. All solutions will be limited by the limits that individuals place on their own participation. These are the problems we see:

  • Millions of voters have millions of backgrounds, views and needs. The problem is creating effective communication and discussion among so many individuals and identifying which needs should be met by the community versus the individual.This problem can be reduced but not eliminated through implementation of an hierarchical approach, extending the representative system to successively smaller groups. The reality of multiple views and needs requires balanced approaches to solutions and compromise.

  • A minority of individuals and companies hold the majority of wealth. The problem is wealth buys influence under the current system so the influence of a smaller group may rule the majority.This problem can be reduced but not eliminated by working to limit the need for candidates to obtain money to run for office and rewarding integrity (holding stated principles and consistently applying them).

  • Decisions are often made based upon sound bites, polls of an incompletely informed or misinformed public, and are rarely based upon consistent principles consistently applied.This problem can be reduced but not eliminated by better informing the public, defining principles, and only voting for individuals who clearly state their principles.

One path to political reform

This site is not affiliated with any political party and desires to serve the needs of all Americans regardless of political affiliation. This site is dedicated to supporting candidates who are prepared to be true leaders and take the bold step of running for office adhering to the following campaign principles:

  • Candidates will not accept donations - supporters will promote their candidate using their time and money without sending anything to the campaign (no middleman, less corruption)
  • Campaigns will focus on the issues, not the sound bites or the personalities
  • Campaigns will focus first on principles and draw policies and positions consistent with those principles balancing among principles where they conflict or overlap
  • Principles should state the appropriate roles of government, leaving other issues to individuals and private organizations
  • Candidates should clarify their view of the appropriate level of governmental intervention (e.g. federal, state, local), when government has a role at all
  • Candidates support the idea that individuals make choices and take actions, and must be held personally accountable and responsible for the consequences. It is not the role of government to be parent, nanny, or benefactor.

If you agree with these principles, we encourage you to run for office.

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